LYOPAY PRO Website Announcement

DIGIPRO SOFTWARE LIMITED - IRL, Software Services, CRN: 720561, The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, D07 P4AX Dublin 7, Dublin Ireland with the commercial name of “LYOPAY PRO” was operating under:

  • “White Label Membership Plan Service Agreement” with AU Card Limited, with its principal office at 1 King William Street, London, EC4N 74F, United Kingdom.
  • “Crypto Membership Program” supplied by CARISM LLC (registration number 1999 LC 2022) in collaboration with ESTNL GROUP LTD

We are writing to inform you of a crucial regulatory development concerning our Fiat and custody service provider, Nvayo Limited. Nvayo Limited has recently received an official request from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requesting the suspension of all activities related to crypto and fiat, including the freezing of accounts belonging to LyopayPRO Users. It is imperative for us to communicate this information promptly to ensure transparency and keep you informed of the situation.

We would like to emphasize that LyopayPRO does not have custody of any LyopayPRO Users' accounts. The custodial responsibilities are exclusively managed by our service providers and Nvayo Limited. As a result of the FCA's directive, all activities on crypto and fiat transactions associated with LyopayPRO Users are suspended, and the accounts have been frozen.

Fund Recovery Request for Crypto and Fiat

To initiate the process of recovering your funds, please follow the instructions outlined below based on the type of currency:

Crypto Recovery: Kindly email with the following message (to be adjusted as per the User):

I, [Add your Full Legal Name], my phone number is [Add your phone number connected with the account] request the withdrawal of all my crypto assets to these wallet addresses within 15 working days.

Wallet BTC:
Wallet USDT ERC20:
Wallet USDT TRC20:

Note to the Users: Please add all the wallet addresses you wish to receive the refund on along with the accurate network (e.g.: if you have BTC, you should give an external BTC wallet address) Ensure that the indicated wallet and chain addresses belong to you.

Fiat Recovery: Kindly email and provide the following details:

I, [Add your Full Legal Name], my phone number is [Add your phone number connected with the account] request the withdrawal of all my fiat assets to the indicated bank account within 15 working days.

Bank Name:
Name on the Account:
Account Number:
IBAN Number:
Sort Code:

Note to the Users: Please attach the last three months' bank statements to the email. ensuring that the statements clearly display the Account Holder's Name, Account Number, and Address.

If you require any further assistance or have additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team at To ensure a swift and accurate response, kindly provide the Full Legal Name, Registered Email ID, and User ID (if applicable).