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Access crypto-payment services across 150+ countries; with our premium payment card, brand rewards, and bespoke concierge services for travel and shopping.

Services in LYOPAY Pro

IBAN Wallets with assorted payment cards
(Temporarily Unavailable)
  • 5 currencies IBANs: USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY
  • 3 currencies supported on card:  USD, EUR, GBP
  • SEPA, SWIFT payments, Faster Payments, FedWire
  • Payment Cards in Plastic, Aluminum and Gold 
  • Unlimited Virtual Cards can be purchased
  • Swap between IBAN fiat and Crypto wallets
Crypto Wallets, interoperable with IBAN wallets
  • Crypto Buy Sell Deposit and Withdraw
  • Swap between IBAN fiat and Crypto wallets
  • Networks: Ethereum, Tron and native blockchains
  • Tokens: BTC, LYO, ETH, USDT, USDC and more
Chat with Concierge for any information
  • Personal shopping, Luxury product placement.
  • Flights & hotels, information on traffic passport visa etc
  • Medic & translation, health & wellness
  • Airport car transfer, car & exotic car rental, private yatch and aviation
  • VIP dining, restaurant booking, travel packages
  • Transaction support
Book Hotel Rooms, Travel through Concierge
(Temporarily Unavailable)
  • Book hotels globally
  • Purchase from IBAN wallet
  • Concierge support on travel services
Shopping globally, without searching for options
(Temporarily Unavailable)
  • Type the details of what you want to purchase, and submit
  • View these options in detail, directly from purchase links
  • Proceed to purchase from IBAN wallet
Gift Cards with cashback rewards
(Temporarily Unavailable)
  • Gift Cards from popular US, UK and Canadian brands
  • 200+ brands to select from
  • Receive instant rewards into IBAN wallet when gift cards are used

Going Beyond Payments!
Let's talk facilities

Payments, Crypto Wallets, Crypto Trading, Branded Cards, Concierge: all in one app.

Accessible and stylish payment cards are available in Aluminum, Gold plated, and solid gold. Make your payment card as unique as you.

Bespoke concierge service can book your travel and shop on your behalf.

Crypto payment in 3 currencies. Fiat Wallets in 6 currencies. Crypto Wallets in 8+ currencies.

Rewards from your favorite global brands from the US, UK and Canada.

Payment Card Purchase Cost
Explorer Card

$ 29

One Time Cost

Standard card in Polycarbonate

Titan Card

$ 350

One Time Cost

Standard card in Aluminum

Signature Card

$ 10,000

One Time Cost

Standard card in Gold plated

Excellence Card

$ 50,000

One Time Cost

Standard card in Solid gold

Membership Fees
Particulars Explorer Titan Signature Excellence
Joining Fees $ 0 $ 5 $ 15 $ 100
Monthly membership fee (from 2nd month) $ 10 $ 20 $ 50 $ 100

LYOPAY PRO : The Ultimate in Luxury and convenience


Supports Unlimited balance on all currency wallets. Zero charge on same currency money transfer to another LYOPAY Pro user.
IBAN wallet transaction fees
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Card load limit upto USD 150,000
POS spend limit upto USD 150,000.
Card transaction fees
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Free deposit in wallets.
Unlimited balance.
Free transfer to other LYOPAY Pro users
Crypto wallet transaction fees
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How to purchase the card and membership

  • 1
    Visit the portal lyopaymembers and enter your email ID
  • 2
    During registration process, purchase your preferred membership card
  • 3
    Proceed to complete your KYC process
  • 4
    Once KYC is approved, your account will be activated and the process for payment card delivery starts.

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